The Best Places to Elope in Europe: My Top 4 Picks for Adventurous Couples

Last Updated: April 7, 2024 | Published On: November 10, 2020

Searching for the best place to elope in Europe can be an overwhelming task-the possibilities are endless! After spending an extensive amount of time in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria shooting and exploring, we figured it was time to put together this handy post outlining the best places to elope in Europe. We made this guide specifically for adventure-seeking couples like you who love a good time in the mountains and want to make their elopement day an experience they’ll cherish forever. Whether you are looking for a wintery wedding filled with skiing and snowmobiling, or a summer evening spent exchanging vows while watching the sun set, these locations have got you covered.

Elopement Location 1: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

We may be a bit biased since it’s our backyard, but Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to the best places to elope in Europe. Just 1.5 hours south of Munich, it’s a mountain lover’s paradise surrounded by rocky cliff faces, green meadows, gorges, alpine lakes, and two ski areas. Garmisch-Partenkirchen also happens to sit at the base of Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. What we love about Garmisch-Partenkirchen is that it has maintained its small, mountain-town charm, even during the busy summer months. Endless hikes await, since the town rests in a valley situated among five different mountain ranges. Another great benefit of choosing to elope in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is that it’s centrally located, making other spots in the Alps such as the Dolomites or Switzerland easy to visit. While few think of Germany when it comes to epic outdoor adventures, we’d have to disagree, and the photos speak for themselves. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and straight out of a fairytale.

Best Time of Year to Elope in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

January-March and mid-June through September

Best Elopement Activities in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

Hiking, paragliding, paddle-boarding, brewery tours, and skiing/snowboarding

Scenery You’ll Find in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

Gorges, Alpine Lakes, Alpine Meadows, Castles

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Elopement Location 2: Grindelwald, Switzerland and the Bernese Alps

Grindelwald, Switzerland and the surrounding Bernese Alps are nothing short of breathtaking and they’re definitely considered a top elopement destination in Europe. Picture this: sheep grazing in high alpine meadows, the sound of cowbells in the distance, wildflowers galore, and sweeping glaciers that expand thousands of feet above. It’s nothing short of epic. People from all over the world come to paraglide, base jump, or take a train to the top of the Jungfraujoch, which sits at the saddle of two 4,000 meter peaks. Something else we love about Grindelwald, is that despite being a tourist hot-spot, there are many trails to be found that are off-the beaten path or clear out when the sun sets below the mountains. We’d encourage any couple that’s looking for an incredible alpine adventure on their elopement day to consider the Bernese Alps.

Best Time of Year to Elope in Grindelwald:

January-March and July through mid-September

Best Elopement Activities in Grindelwald:

Helicopter Tours, Paragliding, Hiking, Via-Ferratas

Scenery You’ll Find in Grindelwald:

Glaciers, High Alpine Meadows, Wildflowers

Elopement Location 3: Cortina d’Ampezzo, Dolomites Italy

Cortina d’Ampezzo. It’s a place we just can’t get enough of. What we love about Cortina d’Ampezzo is not only is the town beautiful, but it’s located central to some of the most beautiful areas in the Italian Dolomites. Now, If you’ve never heard of the Dolomites, go google them right now! Ok, wait, actually just keep reading this post and scroll below to see how amazing they are. The Italian Dolomites, located in northern Italy (Südtirol) are a popular elopement destination, and with good reason. They offer some of the most unique scenery out there, with jagged peaks that seem to shoot straight out of the ground, winding mountain passes surrounded by lush meadows, and food you’ll be dreaming about for years to come. Something particularly special about this area is the possibility to plan a multi-day elopement via a hut-to-hut trek through some of Europe’s most exciting terrain. If you love climbing, you and your partner can also try out a via-ferrata, a type of scrambling and climbing where you’re assisted by clipping into fixed ropes while harnessed in (we’d recommend hiring a guide for something like this). During the summer and winter, Cortina is a bustling mountain town, yet at the same time cozy enough to feel right at home in. 

Best Time of Year to Elope in the Dolomites:


Best Elopement Activities in the Dolomites:

Via-Ferrata Elopements, Climbing Elopements, Epic Mountains, Multi-Day Hiking Elopements, World-Class Skiing

Scenery You’ll Find in the Dolomites:  

Alpine Lakes, Jagged Mountains, Panoramic Views, High-Mountain Passes

Would you believe it if I told you this view is accessible with a 30 minute hike!?

Elopement Location 4: St. Moritz and the Bernina Alps, Switzerland

St Moritz, located in the south-east corner of Switzerland and just an hour from the Italian border offers the best of both worlds; jaw-dropping scenery along with great pizza and pasta. In our opinion, a match made in heaven and perfect for any food-loving adventurer. What we love about the Bernina Alps is they have something for everyone. Beautiful drive-up locations in a high-alpine environment, cable cars, glassy lakes, and green valleys stretching up towards glaciers. There are also some amazing mountain huts located with stunning panoramic views, private rooms, 4-course dinners, and hot tubs. Eloping in St Moritz means you really can have it all – a luxury outdooring wedding experience in some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

Best Time of Year to Elope in St. Moritz:

December-March; July-October

Best Elopement Activities in St. Moritz:

hiking, skiing, incredible food, luxury accommodations high in the mountains, scenic drives

Scenery You’ll Find in St. Moritz:

glaciers, lush valleys, expansive panoramic views, high-mountain passes

Have no fear- it’s not always this snowy! During the summer months this is all melted out (besides the glacier)
Imagine waking up to a view like this! In Sankt Moritz, you can stay in a hotel on the mountainside making sunrise or sunset so easy to catch
For those who are feeling extra adventurous, you can hike out to this glaciated lake deep in the valley and spend a secluded sunrise.

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