Eloping in St. Moritz: Ideas for Your Wild, Yet Luxurious Adventure Wedding

Last Updated: April 6, 2024 | Published On: September 3, 2023

St. Moritz Switzerland is one of our favorite elopement wedding destinations in the Alps. While the upscale town is known for its incredible skiing and ritzy wellness resorts, it’s also located in Eastern Switzerland’s wilder, untamed Engadin Valley. This region offers everything from off-the-beaten-path adventures to luxury and relaxation. It’s also just over the border from Italy, so the cuisine is unmatched! Whatever type of Switzerland elopement experience you’re looking for, St. Moritz likely has it.

Below, we’re sharing the top reasons why you should get married in St. Moritz, along with a few tips and ideas.

Where is St. Moritz, Switzerland? 

St. Moritz and the Engadin lie in Graubünden, one of Switzerland’s easternmost cantons. This region sits on the border of North-west Italy. The closest major airports are Zurich (2.5 hours northwest, and Milan (2.5 hours southwest).

Reason to Elope in St. Moritz and the Engadin

While there are dozens of reasons to elope in St. Moritz, most of those thoughts boil down to these three main ones. 

Beautiful Year-Round

St. Moritz shines as a wedding destination year-round. No matter when you go, you can also count on quite a bit of sunshine, as St. Moritz receives far less rain than many other parts of Switzerland. 

In winter, St. Moritz and the Engadin becomes a snowy wonderland, blanketing everything from the forests to the mountaintops. Ski season also extends longer than many other parts of the Alps, thanks to the valley floor sitting at over 1800 meters. 

Summer in St. Moritz brings temperate weather, glittering mountain lakes, glistening blue glaciers, and colorful wildflowers. While St. Moritz is more rockier and drier than many of Switzerland’s more famous destinations, it still boasts plenty of lush valleys. Here, you can experience both greenery and rugged high alpine terrain. 

Autumn in St. Moritz offers another beautiful window to visit, as October shows off its brilliant larch forests which change from green to yellow, and then orange. 

Epic Scenery

The scenery around St. Moritz is epic. Peaks of almost 4,000 meters dominate much of the landscape in St. Moritz, and glaciers cascade down many of the mountainsides. These glaciers have carved out both narrow and wide valleys, rushing rivers, and lakes. The region also is home to a variety of wildlife, including the majestic ibex. It’s hard not to feel inspired while hiking through the incredible landscapes here. 

Countless Alpine Lakes

We’ve hinted at it a few times now, but the Engadin hosts countless alpine lakes. St. Moritz sits along the beautiful St. Moritzersee, and just past that, you’ll see Lej da Staz, Lake Champfèr, Silvaplanersee, and the Silsersee (‘’see’’ is the word for lake in German). Higher in the mountains, literally hundreds of smaller lakes are hidden away, many, remnants from the glaciers that once filled this valley. Whether you want to head to a lake surrounded by forests, at the base of a glacier, or way up in the open mountains, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Engadin. 

Ideas for Your St. Moritz Elopements

No matter what season you elope, St. Moritz and the Engadin have numerous adventurous activities to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: 

Winter and Spring Wedding Activities in St. Moritz:

  • Ski on one of the almost 350km of groomed slopes in the region
  • Book a snowmobiling tour 
  • Snowshoe one of the numerous scenic trails
  • Ice skate on Lej da Staz, a scenic alpine lake
  • Take a horse and carriage ride
  • Kick back and relax at one of the dozens of wellness resorts

Summer and Autumn Wedding Activities in St. Moritz: 

  • Explore one of the countless hiking trails in the region
  • Overnight at Berghaus Diavolezza, soak in a hot tub at 3,000 meters, and stargaze
  • Book a tandem paragliding tour
  • Take a guided glacier walk on the Morteratsch Glacier
  • Go Sailing
  • Experience stunning fall colors during October’s larch season

When to Elope in St. Moritz

The best times to elope in St. Moritz are mid-December through March, and July through October. Our personal favorite months are July and October though. In July, the valleys are incredibly green, and vibrant lupine flowers dot the lakeshores. During mid-October, larch season is in full swing, so the mountainsides erupt in brilliant yellow and orange trees- it’s an unbelievable sight to witness. 

We don’t recommend some parts of the shoulder seasons, due to many attractions, hotels, and restaurants being closed, along with more unpredictable weather. 

Micro Wedding Venues in St. Moritz

St. Moritz also makes an amazing destination for your adventure micro-wedding. Here are a few great St. Moritz wedding venues to celebrate at with your guests:

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