3 Reasons to Elope in Appenzell: Switzerland’s Most Idyllic Region

Last Updated: April 6, 2024 | Published On: September 13, 2023

Appenzell, Switzerland is one of the top elopement destinations we recommend for couples planning an adventure wedding in the alps. The region boasts gorgeous mountain scenery in a laid-back, cozy atmosphere. While Appenzell isn’t known for its 5-star resorts or touristy amenities you may find in more popular parts of Switzerland, it makes up for all of that by providing an idyllic setting for a connected mountain elopement.

Below, we’re sharing the top reasons why you should get married in Appenzell, along with a few tips and ideas.

Where is Appenzell, Switzerland? 

Appenzell and the Alpstein mountain range, located in Northeastern Switzerland sits not far from the borders of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. The nearest major city, and airport, is Zurich, located just under 90 minutes away. Appenzell makes a great jumping-off point to explore other regions of the alps easily too, with just a couple of hours in any direction providing unique areas to explore.

Reason to elope in Appenzell, Switzerland

Here are the top three reasons to make Appenzell your Switzerland elopement destination:

Appenzell is the quintessential Switzerland experience

Appenzell is the epitome of what most envision Switzerland to be like. From the tinkling cowbells to the rolling countryside dotted with wildflowers and steep grassy mountains, it’s simply idyllic. While Appenzell is growing in popularity as a destination, it still feels somewhat removed from the modern world. Numerous homemade cheese shops can be found along the hiking trails, and farmers tend to the cows, goats, and sheep all summer long. The villages are quaint, and small churches can be found nestled all over the foothills. If you are looking for an experience that will immerse you in quintessential Switzerland, Appenzell is the place.

The Alpstein makes a great early-summer mountain elopement destination

While summer doesn’t arrive in most of Switzerland until late-June and even early or mid-July, Appenzell boasts greenery and great hiking about a month earlier. This region sits at a lower altitude, so you’ll find numerous stunning trails to explore by late-May and early-June. The summer wildflower display is some of the most vibrant in Switzerland too!

Appenzell is the perfect hiking elopement destination

Appenzell has the perfect infrastructure for couples looking to embark on a hiking elopement. Locations here can be accessed via the region’s extensive network of hiking paths, cable cars, and mountain huts nestled among lakes and high alpine meadows. Anywhere you go, you can always stop for a meal at one of the small, locally-run restaurants alongside the trail. If you want a true Alps hiking experience, Appenzell offers all of it!

Ideas for your Appenzell elopement

Appenzell, Switzerland is an outdoor paradise that especially shines in spring and early summer. Most elopement locations in the Alpstein mountains require a minimum of 4 miles of hiking, so this is an area better suited for couples who want to hit the trail. Here are some of the best ideas for your Appenzell, Switzerland Elopement: 

  • Explore one of the countless hiking trails in the region
  • Overnight at a cozy hut, such as Berggasthaus Meglisalp, located in a high-alpine village
  • Book a tandem paragliding tour
  • Boat, swim, or SUP on one of the vibrant blue lakes in the Alpstein mountains
  • Schedule a tour that teaches you how to make your own Appenzeller Cheese
  • Cable car to the top of the highest mountain in the area, Säntis, and enjoy lunch or a moonlit dinner.

When to Elope in Appenzell, Switzerland

The best times to elope in Appenzell, Switzerland are late May through October. Our personal favorite months are May, June, and early July though, due to the abundant wildflowers in bloom. Something especially nice about this region is that summer conditions come earlier in the year. This is because the mountains sit at lower altitudes leading to earlier snowmelt.

Appenzell Switzerland Elopement Packages

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