Should I Hire an Elopement Videographer? Our Top Tips and Advice for Eloping Couples

Last Updated: April 9, 2024 | Published On: March 17, 2023

One question many eloping couples find themselves asking is, ‘’Should I hire an elopement videographer?’’, or ‘’Is hiring an elopement videographer worth it?’’. To both answers, we’d give a resounding, ‘’Yes!’’. Is it right for you though? Here are the top reasons you should hire an elopement videographer, along with some practical tips about booking.

The Top Reasons to Hire an Elopement Videographer

Hiring an elopement videographer (along with a photographer) is one of the best ways to preserve your elopement experience. Here are the top four reasons you should consider booking elopement videography.

You can hear audio, like your elopement vows

Imagine being able to not only read your vows on every anniversary but being able to listen to them again. Can you envision how special it will be to look back to see and hear the moment you shared an inside joke? Or recall your partner (who rarely shows emotion) choke back tears as they read their vows? Audio plays a huge role in your wedding day, and having that recorded is priceless.

Movement can be captured beautifully

Your elopement won’t be spent standing still posing for photos – you’ll be moving, and so will the world around you! From exploring the trails, letting the wind catch your dress, or your partner pulling you in for a tight embrace, your elopement video will document all of those small, meaningful moments.

Elopement videos fully capture your emotions

Elopement videos are powerful, and fully capture your emotions. While we love photography, each image only shows 1/1,000 of a second. Videography captures the complete range of what you’re feeling, and tells it in an artistic, authentic way.

It’s the perfect way to share your elopement with family and friends

Often, our couples elope, just the two of them, or with a very small group. Having an elopement video that showcases your experience is an amazing way to share your adventure with family and friends. Many of our couples have thrown a small party or reception at home, and played their video as part of the celebration.

What You Need to Know About Hiring an Elopement Videographer

Here are the top four things you need to know about hiring an elopement videographer.

It’s better to book an elopement videographer and photographer team

When possible, book an elopement videographer and photographer team. Documenting an elopement with photo and video requires both vendors to have strong communication skills, so your day flows smoothly. A great elopement photographer and videographer will be on the same page about your vision, and work together to bring it to life. Husband and wife elopement photography and videography teams are an especially great choice. This is because you may also save on potential travel expenses and other fees incurred by hiring multiple companies.

If it’s not possible to book a team, ask your photographer for videographer recommendations, to ensure you find a good match.

Hire a videographer who specializes in adventure elopements if you’re planning an outdoor-centric experience

We always recommend hiring vendors that specialize in elopements, but this is especially important when hiring a videographer. Videographers need a lot of equipment, from multiple cameras and lenses to microphones, tripods, stabilizers, gimbals, and more. If you’re planning an adventure elopement, it will be important to book a videographer who is capable of carrying all the equipment needed to whatever location you’re dreaming up.

A great adventure elopement videographer will also be able to handle the unique scenarios shooting outdoors (especially in the mountains) can bring.

Drone Laws Matter

The top thing many couples overlook while booking an elopement videographer is considering drone laws and regulations. While drone footage in your elopement video can look beautiful, it’s worth noting that it’s actually illegal to shoot in many locations. If you want drone footage, you’ll want to decide this very early on in the planning process. Drone usage will heavily impact what locations you can get married at.

We highly encourage any couple booking an elopement videographer to prioritize their location and experience first. A professional will be able to create an amazing wedding video, regardless of drone footage.

Leave No Trace and Drones

Some videographers rely heavily on online drone maps to dictate where they can or cannot shoot. It’s important to know these maps are often incomplete. We’ve regularly come across locations that aren’t listed on the map, but have signage at the location. 

These drone regulations are in place to not only protect your pristine elopement location and the wildlife in it, but also other people. Especially in the alps, where there are so many paragliding and base jumping hot spots off-limits to drones. It’s so important to hire a videographer that will abide by Leave No Trace (LNT) guidelines.

Some popular off-limits drone locations you should be aware of in the alps include:

  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
  • Oeschinensee, Switzerland
  • Eibsee, Germany
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein
  • Lago di Braies, Italy
  • Most National Parks, Nature Preserves, and Nature Parks

Elopement Videography Packages Vary

When choosing which elopement videographer to book, keep in mind that packages widely vary.

Some things to look out for in elopement videography packages include:

  • Are packages based on the amount of coverage the day of, or the length of the video?
  • How long will the video be?
  • What is the typical video turnaround time?
  • Do you want a separate video including your full ceremony or just a highlight video?

What Does it Cost to Hire an Elopement Videographer?

Elopement videography packages typically start at $3,000 USD (around €3,000 EUR), and can cost upward of $10,000 (approximately €9,000+ EUR). A base package may look like half-day coverage, a short highlight film, and elopement support leading up to your adventure. Add-ons can include a short teaser before your highlight film is delivered, and full ceremony videos.

Videography often costs as much as photography, because of the extensive time spent curating your footage post-elopement.

Alps Elopement Videographer

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