Planning Your Dreamy Eibsee Elopement: A Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable elopement in the Alps with post-card worthy scenery, look no further than getting married at the Eibsee. As your adventure elopement photography team living just twenty minutes from this beautiful Germany elopement location, we wrote this resource to give you all the insider tips and tricks. You don’t want to miss this Eibsee wedding and elopement guide!

Why You Should Elope at the Eibsee

Spectacular Views 

From the photos alone, likely, you can already see what a stunning elopement destination the Eibsee is. Surrounded by forests, rocks, and craggy mountain views, this crystal-clear alpine lake is nothing short of breathtaking. Every direction you look is a beautiful view, year-round. 

Easy to Access

The Eibsee is a beautiful elopement location if you’re looking for easily accessible views. Some of the best spots to enjoy the lake are just a 15-minute walk along a well-maintained trail from the parking lot. The scenery is incredibly rewarding, yet requires little effort. 

Numerous Wedding Activities 

Elopements at the Eibsee can be great for couples who want beautiful wedding photos and an experience to match. There are numerous wedding activities available at the lake and nearby in town. That way, you can be sure to maximize your adventure. Further in this guide, we’re giving a full breakdown of the best things to do at the Eibsee!

When to Elope at the Eibsee


Winter is one of the most underrated, yet stunning times to elope at the Eibsee. If you want a winter wonderland, we recommend visiting the Eibsee from January to early-February which tend to be the snowiest months. 

Another reason we love Eibsee winter elopements is it’s an easy way to beat the crowds. The lake is far less crowded in winter, as most people are heading out to ski.  
Best Time to Go: January to early-February


Spring is another great time to get married at the Eibsee if you want privacy, while still enjoying the greenery the Alps are known for. We recommend waiting until May for spring elopements, as this is when the wildflowers begin blooming. 
Best Time to Go: May to Early-June


As much as we love winter and the shoulder seasons, there’s something to be said for a warm summer elopement at the Eibsee. The lake glimmers bright blue and is so clear, you might mistake it for the Mediterranean. By mid-June, everything is incredibly lush, and the complimentary landscape palette of greens and blue is nothing short of idyllic. Summer at the Eibsee also offers plenty of activity options. 

Due to the popularity of Eibsee in summer, we recommend couples avoid weekends and holidays. Additionally, you should visit at sunrise for the best wedding experience.
Best Time to Go: June to mid-September


Fall elopements at the Eibsee are best in mid-October. During this time, the colors are changing on the trees, and there are fewer people due to it being the shoulder season. We especially love October because the light is spectacular from sun up to sun down. The Eibsee is one of the best elopement locations in Bavaria for autumn foliage.
Best Time to Go: September (entering shoulder season) or October (for fall colors)

Sunrise vs. Sunset Elopements at the Eibsee

From reading this guide, you may have realized that picking the right time of day to get married at Eibsee is key to planning your experience. Here are a few things you should know about sunrise vs. sunset elopements at the Eibsee (and everything in between). 

Sunrise Elopements

From June to September, sunrise is the best time to get married at the Eibsee. This is especially true if you want the dramatic view of Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, in view. Sunrise gives you beautiful golden light on a clear day, and maximum privacy. The lake can also be quite still at this time, making for unique reflections. While waking up early can be hard, it is well worth the effort! 

Late-Morning to Afternoon Elopements

Mid-day at the Eibsee can work well for couples getting married during the shoulder seasons. The light is beautiful at this time, and parking spaces are available on weekdays, regardless of which time you go. Late-morning to afternoon can also work if you’re getting married on a rainy day, as fewer people are out. While many people dread the possibility of rain, the mood is nothing short of serene at Eibsee.

Sunset Elopements

Sunset elopements at the Eibsee work best for couples who want to enjoy the activities at the lake and the beauty of the area, but are less concerned about overall privacy. By about 6:00 pm (in high-summer) parking spaces begin to open up, making the lake accessible in the evening. With that being said, there are still plenty of people at the lake enjoying a picnic, swimming, or taking a walk. There is a large shoreline closest to the mountainside with a panorama of some smaller peaks. This is the best location for sunset elopements, based on the positioning of the sun. 

Eibsee Elopement Activities

The Eibsee can be enjoyed countless ways during your wedding adventure, which is why it makes the perfect place to elope. 

Take a Private Boat Tour

Take a private wedding boat tour on the Eibsee by renting the Reserl ship. If you’d like exclusive rental of the ship, this can be arranged for €270. The perfect, unique way to get married on the Eibsee!

SUP Boarding

SUP boards can be rented directly at the Eibsee in May, from about 10 am to 4 pm (dependent on weather). If you want to take out SUP boards earlier or later in the day, they can also be rented in Grainau at Island Times | SUP Verkauf, Verleih & Schule or in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at Bergeins SUP und E-Mountainbike Verleih  

Boat Rentals 

Row boats and pedal boats can be rented directly at the Eibsee starting in May, from about 10 am to 4 pm (dependent on weather). 


The forests around Eibsee are perfect for putting up a hammock and enjoying a blissful ‘’just married’’ view.


A stunning wedding day swim? If you love the water, the Eibsee is nothing short of a dream for taking a dip. It’s amost unbelievable how clear the water is. In high-summer, temperatures reach 20-22C (68-71F). 

Hiking Around the Lake

One popular way to experience the Eibsee is to hike the perimeter of the lake. If you want to see everything there is to offer, this will give you that! The entire trail takes about 2 hours to hike, and is 7.2 km in length with approximately 100 meters of elevation gain. You can see the route mapped out here.  The most scenic views are the first ½ of the hike, if done counterclockwise (although all of the path is stunning). 

Enjoying a Picnic

Whether you choose to pack a picnic to eat at a cozy spot along the shore, or want to dine at one of the restaurants nearby the lake, there is nothing better than good food with a view during your Eibsee elopement! 

Eating Gelato 

Next to the boat rental is Eishüttl am See, which offers gelato and ice cream, perfect a wedding day treat. 

Best Eibsee Elopement Locations

If you’re looking for where to elope at the Eibsee, here is a map and some helpful information about each location. Locations are marked by a yellow camera icon.

Location 1: Unterseen Bridge Shoreline

This spot is one of the easiest to access from the parking lot, and requires about 15-20 minutes of walking. From the shoreline, you’ll have your breath taken away by classic view of the lake and Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. Depending on the time of year and how much recent rainfall there’s been, the shoreline can be quite wide, or fairly small. This is a popular stop for most people visiting the Eibsee.

Worth Noting: This spot is ideal for sunrise elopements

Location 2: ‘’The Rock’’ Viewpoint

About 30-35 minutes from the parking lot, this unique viewpoint in a quiet cove is a beautiful Eibsee elopement spot. It’s worth noting that the rock itself is quite slippery. It was also graffitied in 2020 unfortunately, so there are still some remnants of red paint. Surrounding the famous ‘’rock’’ viewpoint, there are other beautiful nooks to explore and get married at. We recommend one of these spots in the vicinity of the rock, as the rock itself may have others hoping to take photos atop it. 

Worth Noting: This spot is ideal for sunrise elopements

Location 3: Secluded Eibsee Shoreline

Halfway around the lake, or about 1 hour walking, is a small secluded shoreline with a tiny pier. The electric boat at Reserl can drop guests here, but overall, it’s fairly quiet due to the location being far from the parking lot. 

Worth Noting: This spot is ideal for sunrise elopements

Location 4: Large Shoreline

Twenty minutes walking clockwise around the lake you’ll encounter this large sandy shoreline along the Eibsee. This location is easy to spread out at, and tends to see fewer visitors than Location #1. If you want to elope at sunset, this spot is far better suited for the evening. 

Worth Noting: This spot is ideal for *sunset* elopements

Location 5: Frillensee

If you’re holding a small ceremony with a few guests, the Frillensee is the best place to get married at Eibsee. This small lake offers dramatic views of the mountains, and is surrounded by forest on all sides. 

Worth Noting: This spot is ideal for sunrise elopements and photographs well until mid-afternoon (in summer)

Elopements and Micro Weddings at the Eibsee

Here’s what you should know about two-person elopements vs. micro-weddings at the Eibsee. 


If it’s just you and your partner eloping at the Eibsee, where you choose to exchange vows can happen just about anywhere. Whether it’s on a boat, on the shores, or in the forest, you have plenty of possibilities. Due to the Eibsee being a public space and nature area, we ask that couples avoid bringing elaborate setups such as arches, or dramatic tablescapes. 


If you’re getting married with a small group of people, you have a few options for your Eibsee elopement. The first, is to hold your ceremony at the Frillensee, which is a small lake directly alongside the Eibsee. The Frillensee is a public space, and this spot may be occupied by others, so it is not completely private. We recommend this option only if there are less than 8 people total in your group. 

Two additional great options for your Eibsee wedding with guests are offered by the Eibsee Hotel. The first, is their private ‘’Birkenhof Lake Garden’’ on the grounds. The second, is a small boat ride onto the lake with a private island. This private island location (Maximilian Island) is typically bookable from June until September.

Must-Know Information about Eloping at the Eibsee

How to Get to the Eibsee

You can get to the Eibsee via train, bus, and car. Below you’ll find each option outlined!

January is the true start of winter in the German alps, and by this time, all the large ski resorts will be open. Overall, Germany has a fairly mild climate, and it’s not uncommon for there not to be snow on the ground at lower altitudes. Some great snowy spots to elope in winter include Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf.

One of the most important things to know about going to the Eibsee, is that parking can be challenge. Due to the lake’s popularity, and also being the starting base for the Zugspitze cable car, the lot fills up quickly. Because of this, during weekends, high-summer season, and ski season, it’s best to arrive before 8:30 am to secure a parking spot. In summer, after 6:00 pm there also tend to be free spaces. 

If the parking lot is full, the road up to the lake typically closes, so be sure to plan appropriately. By that point, buses and trains may be full. 

All-day parking costs €11 and can be paid in cash or by credit card. The parking lot is open from 0500-2200. You can find more about the parking hours at this link.  

From Munich Hauptbahnhof, take the DB regional train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The train generally runs hourly and is a 1 hour and 30-minute ride. Once you’ve arrived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, you’ll need to transfer over to the Zugspitzbahn, located just behind the main train station. The Zugspitzbahn also runs hourly and has a stop just a few minutes from the Eibsee. Alternatively, after arriving in Garmisch-Partenkirchen you can catch the Eibsee bus, just across the street from the train station entrance. You can find the Zugspitzbahn timetable here

We don’t recommend taking the Eibsee train on your wedding day, as connections and seats are limited.

If you’re staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Grainau, taking the Eibsee bus is another easy option to access the lake. There are stops around town. You can find the bus timetable, as well as the outlined stops here.

We don’t recommend taking the Eibsee bus on your wedding day, as seats are limited and can fill quickly on a sunny day. 

Privacy + Accessibility

One thing we love about the Eibsee is how stunning, yet easily accessible it is. With that being said, its ease of access also means it’s popular with many others. If you’re eloping on a weekend, or the months of mid-May through early-September, we recommend getting married at sunrise for the most privacy, a guaranteed parking spot, and *the best* light. After 6:00 pm (in summer) is also quieter, but not as private as sunrise. In general, we recommend eloping at the Eibsee on a weekday.

Drones are Prohibited

There are many photographers and videographers who have shot the Eibsee from a drone. Please note that despite how popular this may be, it is illegal. There are numerous signs at the lake stating drones are not allowed, as the Eibsee is a protected nature area. We abide by these rules, and ask that our clients + other photographers also respect the drone restrictions so that everyone can have a better Eibsee experience (and be mindful of our wildlife!).

Where to Stay for Your Eibsee Elopement

Wondering where to stay for your Eibsee Elopement? Here are some of the best spots:

Other Unique Experiences For Your Eibsee Elopement 

Cable Car Up to the Zugspitze, Germany’s Tallest Mountain 

The Eibsee sits at the base of Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. Want to take a trip to the top? In less than 15 minutes, you can be whisked away via cable car to the Zugspitze’s 2,962-meter summit. The cable car operates year-round (weather-dependent), besides a couple of weeks where it closes for maintenance. If you plan on visiting the Zugspitze, be sure to go on a clear day.You can check conditions on their live webcam, which is updated every 10 minutes. For more information about the Zugspitze, you can visit their site. It’s also possible to elope on top of the Zugspitze. 

Talk a walk down the scenic Ludwigstraße 

If you’re hoping to implement a cute European town into your wedding day, don’t miss walking Garimsch-Partenkirchen’s scenic Ludwigstraße. This old cobblestone road is surrounded by colorfully painted buildings, cute bakeries and restaurants. 

Visit a local gorge or waterfall

Germany has some of the best gorges and waterfalls in the Alps. If you want to implement a waterfall into your day, there are a few local spots we’d love to show you. For a dramatic hike, don’t miss the Partnachklamm or Höllentalklamm. These two scenic gorges are sure to take your breath away. 

Eibsee Wedding and Elopement Packages

Are you ready to start planning your elopement or destination wedding in Germany? If so, why not start with your Germany elopement photographer or videographer? We offer exclusive ‘’4-hour mini-elopement’’ photo-only packages at the Eibsee for €4,500. You can view our German Alps elopement packages here, or contact us to get a more detailed pricing guide. 

We help guide each couple through the eloping process and make sure they get the epic coverage their day deserves.

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