25 of the Best Places to Get Married and Elope in Switzerland

Last Updated: April 7, 2024 | Published On: November 13, 2022

As an elopement photographer working in the Swiss Alps, one of the biggest questions I get from couples is, ‘’What’s the best place to get married in Switzerland?’’.

The truth is, though, there is no ‘’best place to get married in Switzerland’’, because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all location. Every couple has a different vision of how they want to spend their day. Because of this, I give all of my booked couples in-depth location help by creating custom location guides. Those guides take into account what types of scenery you want, how little (or how much) you want to walk or hike, overall accessibility, the season, and more. 

The blog you’ll find here, ‘’25 The Best Places to Get Married and Elope in Switzerland’’, is designed to be a jumping-off point as you start planning your Switzerland wedding. In it, you’ll get a better idea of the different types of landscapes the Swiss Alps hold, so you don’t want to miss it! For a more in-depth guide on how to elope and get married in Switzerland, you can check out our full guide here.

If you’re looking for more in-depth help, location-scouting assistance is something we include in all of our elopement packages (and it’s one of our unmatched skills!). To find out how to get started, you can check out our pricing and packages here, or you can contact us here.  In 2024, we are putting a greater focus on serving couples who are interested in more private, off-the-beaten-path locations you won’t find while scrolling Instagram.

Map of Switzerland Wedding and Elopement Destinations

Eloping in Appenzell

Appenzell, Switzerland, is one of our favorite elopement locations in Switzerland. Situated in the northeast corner, just 90 minutes from Zurich, Appenzell offers dramatic views, quaint charm, and amazing spots to elope for a variety of adventure ability levels. Appenzell’s towering, grassy mountains and wildflower-filled meadows are especially breathtaking in the summer. One perk of eloping in Appenzell is that many of the mountains located in its mountain range (the Alpstein massif) are accessible for a longer season than other parts of Switzerland. Late-May through October are great times to elope in Appenzell.

Getting married in St. Moritz and the Engadin

Another one of our top picks for best places to elope in Switzerland is St. Moritz and the Engadin. Located in the Southernmost part of eastern Switzerland, the Engadin is a high alpine valley surrounded by 3,000 meter peaks, glaciers, and sparkling, deep blue lakes. St. Moritz is just one of many picturesque towns located in the valley. 

Year-round, you’ll find plenty to do here and epic adventures for a variety of interests. Whether it’s going on a hike, skiing, taking a snowmobile tour, paragliding, swimming, or something else…you’re sure not to run out of things to do! You’ll also experience a unique blend of cultures in this region, and plenty of Italian flair. 

Because the Engadin is located at a fairly high elevation in the alps, summer typically arrives later to the region (I’d wait until July for serious hiking), and winter also arrives early. Mid-October is an especially stunning time to visit the region, since the mountainsides become covered in brilliant orange larch trees. 

You can check out a mini-guide to eloping in St. Moritz we’ve written, here.

Lauterbrunnen Elopements

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is a popular elopement destination for many couples, and for good reason. It’s known as one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, the towering cliffsides are mesmerizing, and it’s home to 72 waterfalls. The village is cozy, and looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

As beautiful as Lauterbrunnen is, we don’t recommend spending the majority of your experience in Lauterbrunnen. If you’re really set on going, we would only suggest making it as a short stop during your day, and then heading off to explore the surrounding area via cable car, cogwheel train, or hiking. We suggest this because, one, Lauterbrunnen is actually very small and has quite limited locations to photograph at, and two, it’s typically very crowded. If you want the full low down of eloping in Lauterbrunnen, you can check out this blog post.

In 2024/2025, we are opting not to photograph elopements in Lauterbrunnen. We’ve found the crowds really impact our couple’s overall experience.

Eloping in Grindelwald 

Another great elopement location is Grindelwald, Switzerland, located just a valley over from Lauterbrunnen. In Grindelwald, you’re surrounded by panoramic views in every direction. You also have access to numerous cable cars and cogwheel trains, which open up countless hiking options. If you elope in Grindelwald, just note it’s a very popular destination, so consider planning an overnight mountain hut adventure to maximize your privacy. 

In 2024/2025, we will only be taking elopements at the Bachalpsee when couples book a multi-day adventure with an overnight mountain hotel or hut stay. During cable car operating hours, this location is extremely busy.

Getting married in Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland is a great place to set up as base during your Switzerland elopement. It’s centrally located to the Bernese Alps (and just 25 minutes from Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald). The town of Interlaken is bustling year round, and offers plenty of lodging, dining, and activities nearby. There are some great cable cars and cogwheel trains not far from town, making it easy to get around and explore. 

Eloping at the Oeschinensee

The Oeschinensee is a top Switzerland elopement location for many couples, and a spot it’s hard to get tired of. You can access the lake via a moderate hike, or taking a cable car and a short hike. The glittering blue water is nothing short of spectacular. As an added bonus, you also have forest surrounding the lake, glacial views, and rocky cliffsides. You can elope at the Oeschinensee in both summer and winter too. Because of its popularity, we’d suggest eloping at the Oeschinensee on a weekday, going first thing in the morning, and avoiding peak travel seasons (like August).

In 2024, we will only photograph the Oeschinensee first thing in the morning, or outside of cable car operating hours (so hiking elopements only). We’ve found the crowds really impact our couple’s overall experience.

Getting married in Gstaad

Gstaad is an upscale elopement destination in Switzerland known for its beautiful valleys, great skiing, and incredible wellness resorts. If you want to combine both adventure and relaxation, Gstaad can be the perfect place, both summer and winter. Something we particularly like about Gstaad is there are some beautiful, easy-access alpine lakes and waterfalls that rival many popular locations in beauty, but are far less trafficked. 

Eloping in Engelberg 

Engelberg is a beautiful elopement destination in central Switzerland if you want the feel of some of the region’s more famous locations while getting also getting away from the crowds associated with those areas. Engelberg has a few different beautiful alpine lakes to explore, and an extensive cable car system that can take you to the top of Mount Titlis, which has a height of over 3,000 meters. Whether you want to hike, swim, or ski and sled down groomed routes, In Engelberg, you’ll be able to find fun activities for both summer and winter.  

Weddings and Elopements in Zermatt

Home to the famous Matterhorn, Zermatt is another incredible elopement destination in Switzerland. While the most iconic view is of the Matterhorn, there are plenty of other mountaintop panoramas to be seen. Most elopement spots in Zermatt are accessed via the Gornergrat Bahn, or else via cable car. Something especially cool about Zermatt is most years, there’s the possibility of year-round skiing! 

Zermatt is unique, because it’s a car-free town, so you can only arrive via train (or private helicopter taxi). Because of the logistical constraints of getting in and out of Zermatt, we recommend spending a few days here and exploring all that you can within the town before continuing on your trip. Zermatt is a very popular destination, so if you want some amazing mountain views (without the crowds), we also know of some incredible lesser-known locations in the nearby valleys we’re happy to share with our booked couples.

Eloping at the Aletsch Arena

If you want to see mind-blowing scenery during your Switzerland elopement, don’t miss the Aletsch Arena. The Aletsch Arena shows off panoramic high-alpine scenery, including extensive views of the Aletsch glacier. For the best experience, we recommend planning an overnight stay at one of the huts on the mountain (accessed via cable car) so you have a shot at stargazing and witnessing this area at the best times of day – sunrise and sunset. We suggest heading to the Aletsch Arena during mid-to-late July or early September, when the snow has melted, and you can see the blue ice. 

Weddings in Ticino

Palm trees…in Switzerland? The Italian-speaking region of Ticino is growing in popularity as a whimsical wedding destination. Lugano, one of Ticino’s towns is even known as Switzerland’s Monte Carlo. Ticino is famous for its vineyards, sparkling blue rivers, and fantastic hiking. It’s located not too far from Italy’s famous Lake Como. For couples looking for a unique Switzerland wedding, look no further than the area surrounding Ticino. 

Weddings in Lausanne 

For a bit of French flair on your wedding day, consider heading to Lausanne, which sits on the shores of Lake Geneva. From Lausanne, you have views of both the Swiss and French Alps. Additionally, you can find numerous chic, upscale wedding venues to meet your celebration needs.

Getting married in Zurich

For couples that love the city, a wedding in Zurich offers a nice blend of beautiful “old-town” charm while also being located along lake Zurich. If you’re hoping for mountains, I’d suggest staying somewhere outside the city, though, since the best hiking is still 60-90 minutes away.

Eloping on a Mountain Pass in Switzerland 

If you want to know our favorite way to access some of the best elopement locations in Switzerland, don’t overlook mountain passes. 

Switzerland has dozens of stunning drives that offer locations with jaw-dropping views. One perk of mountain passes is that you can access these ‘’mountain top feel’’ spots without being tied to cable car operating times. That means you can visit during sunrise or sunset! 

A few things worth noting about alpine pass locations: 

  • Due to their lofty elevation, it’s not uncommon for low clouds + fog to be present. Sunrise tends to have better visibility. 
  • Alpine pass locations are best suited for the summer – generally from July to mid-September.
  • Driving alpine passes isn’t for the faint of heart. If you aren’t used to navigating steep and windy roads or would find that experience stressful, these locations may not be a good fit for you. 

Trust us though when I say the Switzerland elopement locations on mountain passes are truly unmatched. Stunning meadows, craggy peaks, glaciers…it’s epic.

Eloping at a Swiss Mountain Hut or Berghotel 

For more amazing elopement locations in Switzerland, consider staying overnight at a Berghotel (mountain hotel), or a mountain hut (typically dormitory style). These accommodations are situated in all kinds of breathtaking spots, and provide meals too. 

A huge benefit of staying overnight in a Berghotel or mountain hut is you have a chance to catch sunrise or sunset in a surreal private location. These accommodations can often be accessed via cable car or cogwheel train, allowing you to stay out when the daytime crowds disappear at the end of the day. Mountain hut locations also give you some great stargazing opportunities on clear nights. 

We LOVE photographing multi-day adventures, and highly recommend opting for a Berghotel as part of your adventure elopement.

Wedding Venues in Switzerland for Your Elopement with Guests

If you’re planning on bringing along close friends and family to your elopement (whoohoo!), here are some beautiful Switzerland mountain wedding venues to check out. While it’s possible to hold a micro wedding in Switzerland without a venue (and some of my couples do hike with their guests), you’ll want a wedding venue if you need seating set up, or want to have tables, decorations, etc. 

How to Elope in Switzerland

Convinced your dream elopement destination is Switzerland? If so, you should check out our in-depth guide all about how to elope in Switzerland. Want to get started making your wedding in Switzerland a reality? Contact us here to set up a free consultation call about our elopement photography packages.

We help guide each couple through the eloping process and make sure they get the epic coverage their day deserves.

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